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Hosted in collaboration with Community Change as part of our Solidarity Education Series

Trauma-Informed Storytelling with Piper Anderson

Child care workers and parents are on the frontlines of the child care crisis in the U.S. They understand better than anyone the consequences of a failing child care system on families and communities, so their stories are essential to understanding why equitable well-funded child care infrastructure is necessary. Stories of impact are vital to these advocacy efforts, but being the person constantly called upon to share your experience can take an emotional and mental toll overtime. This workshop is for parents and child care workers who want to learn how to care for themselves as they engage in advocacy storytelling. Through reflective prompts, discussion, and mindfulness exercises participants will define their own boundaries around when and how to share their experiences and create their own personal self-care toolkit.

Hosted in collaboration with Community Change as part of our Solidarity Education Series

Who Pays the True Cost of Care with UC Berkeley’s Center for the Study of Child Care Employment (CSCCE)

Learn about how racism and sexism have impacted the history of early educator compensation, and how it manifests in present day disparities for educators of color and educators who work with infants and toddlers. We will also learn about how inadequate compensation intersects with the high cost to parents. In our discussion, we will dive into this intersection, how the labor of BIPOC communities is exploited and how we can fight together to change this. After providing some state-level examples of policies and coalitions working to change this, we will explore your ideas for solutions that address equity, better pay and working conditions for early educators, and affordability for families.

Hosted in collaboration with Community Change as part of our Solidarity Education Series

Story Stewards: Part II of Trauma-Informed Storytelling with Piper Anderson

In this training, we will explore what it means to be a story steward; an ethical approach to collecting and sharing stories that honor the agency of the storyteller. Participants will understand how to facilitate a trauma-responsive approach to testimonial-based advocacy.

Workshop: How Parent Voices California Won Affordable Child Care

Want affordable child care? Organize parents and win! Learn from Parent Voices about the California campaign to extend zero copays for 370,000 families and cap fees at 1% for those earning above 75% of state median income. The Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) will also be there to share more on efforts to address parent fees in other legislative efforts.

Workshop: How Stabilization Cliffs Will Impact Families & Providers

El 30 de septiembre de 2023 es probable que en todo el país desaparezca el cuidado infantil para millones de niños y sus familias con terribles consecuencias para los niños, familias, maestras de educación temprana y para la economía estatal. Acompáñenos el 19 de julio cuando platicaremos con Julie Kashen de The Century Foundation para discutir acerca de su más reciente informe resaltando la necesidad urgente de financiamiento inmediato y soluciones integrales a largo plazo a nivel federal que ofrecen opciones de cuidado infantil seguro, formativo y asequible para todas las familias.

Únase a nuestro trabajo de cuidado infantil universal, equitativo, accesible, de alta calidad, asequible y culturalmente relevante en todo el país: