About Us

We’re a network of diverse organizations brought together by our passion for building an equitable child care system that works for everyone. A broad cross-section of child care leaders dissatisfied with how child care in America doesn’t work for those who need it most agreed it was time for a new kind of justice-centered collaboration, and the Network was born.


Six core principles guide the way we work:


We have a broad, inclusive, and diverse understanding of what constitutes expertise, and that informs our work and vision. We explicitly value the input and leadership of parents and providers as experts based on their lived experiences.

Organizing Power in Our Movement

We believe it is essential to shift, share, and build the power of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and low-income communities to change our movement’s priorities and strategies, engage new constituencies, and ultimately win. Local and state efforts, especially organizing efforts, are therefore key to our strategy and need our investment.

Bold & Proactive

We prioritize bold, proactive strategies that champion our ultimate goals without privileging political expediency. We do so in order to shift what is possible toward transformative change and equity.


We are willing to question what has been done before and will invest in strategies and ideas that are new. Experimentation and continual critical reflection are necessary, encouraged, and valued. Not every new strategy will work, and we will engage in honest evaluation to optimize our success.

Span Local to National

We hold local, state, and national perspectives and approaches when setting goals, strategies, and structures. We seek equitable distributions of resources across the country to meet the needs of families and providers. We know equal distribution is not the same as equity, and we must right the historic deficits that have resulted in greater gaps for key constituencies and regions of the country.

One Team

We are one team of allies from across the country grounded in these shared values and working toward a shared vision.


Our Coordinating Committee shapes and advances The Network's priorities.

Let's transform child care together.

In our first three years, we will build a shared political analysis and long-term strategic pathway to achieve our ultimate purpose—aligning and building power at and across local, state, and national campaign efforts to achieve shared nationwide policy demands.


We will deepen our shared analysis of all those acting in the child care space and related movements to identify where we have capacity, where our capacity must be grown, where more coordination is needed, and where critical gaps exist.


We will collectively craft and/or advocate for federal and state policy proposals and funding levels that align with our core values and provide a pathway to transformative change.


We will build political power by developing a strong constituency of child care voters (and supporters) and by supporting a movement of leaders across the country who are making transformational demands.


We will help coordinate and fill gaps to ensure that transformative policy changes are won and effectively implemented at the local, state, and federal levels.

Join us in our work for universal, equitable, accessible, high-quality, affordable, and culturally relevant child care across the U.S.: