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The Child Care for Every Family Network is the national movement and campaign to guarantee child care for every family and good wages & benefits for providers. We bring together the people directly involved in and impacted by child care—families, providers, organizers, advocates, and allies—to build a racial and gender justice-centered child care system that is accountable to those who have been most harmed by our lack of investment and currently underfunded programs.

Becoming a member of the Child Care for Every Family Network means that you...

  • Are committed to the Network’s purpose, approach, and values
  • Agree with our Policy Principles
  • Have a clear understanding that our work is guided by a shared acknowledgment that our current child care system is rooted in systemic racism and upholds practices that continue to harm folks who are Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color
  • Commit to participating in a core set of Network offerings in order to have a shared historical understanding of child care as well as a shared language for our work together
  • Prioritize child care as one of your organizational or personal top priorities
  • Work in good faith toward our shared agenda

Sound good? Let’s go!

Welcome to the campaign and movement for child care! We're so glad you're here.