Effective & Inclusive Child Care Solutions: Toolkit for Implementing CHIPS & Science Act Investments  

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The Child Care for Every Family Network is a group of diverse organizations brought together by our passion for building an equitable child care system that works for everyone. We aim to help you gain a competitive advantage in applying for “CHIPS for America Incentives program” funding and to partner with you to ensure selected child care plans do not in any way undermine existing child care providers. 

Partnering with us will not only leverage federal leadership, but also ensure a diverse set of child care providers–including “family child care” providers in key communities–can co-create a roadmap to deliver quality child care to your current and future workforce while investing in communities that need employment opportunities the most. 

By the end of this guide, we hope you will see that it takes more than one company, one advocacy organization, or one simple solution to deliver equitable child care options for families. We invite you to join with our network of members to access local child care experts and advocates in the states and regions where you plan to invest. We look forward to supporting those local partnerships and working together to build a stronger, more equitable child care system.

We’ve created this toolkit as a series of one-pagers so you can take what you need. You can download individual sections or the entire toolkit!

1) Welcome & How To Use This Toolkit

2) Summary of Tips for Building Effective and Inclusive Child Care Solutions

3) North Stars to Guide You

4) Creating Your Plan: Key Steps Before Submitting Your Application 

5) Creating Your Plan: Key Steps After Submitting Your Application 

6) Why Child Care Matters in Meeting Workforce Goals

7) Understanding the Need for Multi-Model Approach: Inclusive Options for Families

8) How To Grow More Local Child Care Capacity

9) What To Avoid

10) Issues and Challenges to Creating a Stable and Affordable Child Care System

11) Stakeholders in the Child Care Landscape

12) Leveraging Existing Public Systems & Building Up

13) How to Connect with Partners in Your State & Additional Resources

14) Acknowledgments

15) Child Care for Every Family Network Values

Join us in our work for universal, equitable, accessible, high-quality, affordable, and culturally relevant child care across the U.S.: