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We are convening families, organizations, and providers across localities, states, and the nation to develop shared strategies to fundamentally transform child care.


We were founded as a multi-organizational and movement-oriented network. We are not an organization, entity, or campaign. We’re here for the long-term—and how we look at this work and the way we do it will shift as political climates change and wins start to happen.

Our network includes coalitions, organizations, and individuals all united to win universal child care. We’re here for the long-haul. We decided to be a network rather than a coalition or campaign so that we can:

Center Equity
Build Trust

Align and build trust among those working with different constituencies (i.e. parents and early childhood educators/providers), in different communities (across the country, urban/rural and racial/ethnic identities), geographies (local, state and national) and building different types of expertise (early childhood development, racial and gender justice, worker justice, etc)

Leverage Strength

Leverage existing strengths and capacities (in organizing, state policy, federal policy, research, training/assistance, service provision, communications, etc) and reduce unnecessary duplication of efforts

Build Power

Build power by supporting organizing within and across constituencies and movements and build momentum across local and state action that builds toward federal action

Support Learning

Support peer-to-peer learning and uplift and scale break-through change strategies that move us towards our shared goals and greater equity

Win Big

Win critical joint campaigns


Experiment with new approaches

Fill Gaps

Fill missing gaps where we lack capacity and/or coordination to advance our shared goals

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